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Name:Anne ℛ.

❏   A N N E   +   I S T I C
Hello! My name is Anne, I'm 20-something, and I reside in the Philippines. I am a Culinary Arts graduate who's currently trying to amble my way through life. I am oftentimes klutzy, easily worried, a natural-born procrastinator, and a lot smarter despite evidence to the contrary. I like writing, cooking and baking, psychoanalyzing tennis matches, reading, taking afternoon naps, and playing with my dog, Sirius. I am introverted and don't find it easy to make friends; however, I greatly treasure the ones that I have. I'm often non-confrontational and dislike getting into arguments; I understand you have your opinion and I have mine. Let's leave it at that. And lastly, my day is incomplete without a dose of coffee.

I get easily obsessed with pretty things and have a tendency to get distracted by something shiny. I also have short attention span which makes me jump from one obsession to another in a matter of minutes. I have a weakness for antiheroes, characters with hidden/conflicted agendas, and non-existent pairings that are so painfully obvious. Below are some of the fandoms that have manage to catch my interest:

Anime&Manga - Blood+ ∘ Code Geass ∘ Cowboy Bebop ∘ Death Note ∘ Fullmetal Alchemist ∘ Gankutsuou ∘ Hetalia Axis Powers ∘ Junjou Romantica ∘ Kimi ni Todoke ∘ Lucky☆Star ∘ Mawairu Penguindrum ∘ Mirai Nikki ∘ Monster ∘ Nodame Cantabile ∘ Ouran High School Host Club ∘ Princess Tutu ∘ Puella Magi Magica Madoka ∘ Spirited Away ∘ Terra e... ∘ Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo ∘ Vision of Escaflowne ∘ X/TV

Film - Casablanca ∘ Catch Me If You Can ∘ Chocolat ∘ Ever After ∘ The Fall ∘ Finding Nemo ∘ The Godfather I&II ∘ The History Boys ∘ The Illusionist ∘ Inception ∘ Inglorious Basterds ∘ The King's Speech ∘ Life is Beautiful ∘ Lord of the Rings trilogy ∘ Mamma Mia! ∘ Mean Girls ∘ Sleepy Hollow ∘ Star Trek (2009) ∘ Stranger Than Fiction ∘ V for Vendetta

Literature - The Alchemist ∘ Artemis Fowl ∘ Harry Potter ∘ His Dark Materials ∘ The Hobbit ∘ Howl's Moving Castle ∘ A Song of Ice and Fire ∘ A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ∘ The Wheel of Time ∘ A Wrinkle in Time ∘ works of Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, and Oscar Wilde

Music - AFI ∘ Anberlin ∘ Arashi ∘ Bach ∘ Bon Jovi ∘ Chopin ∘ Daft Punk ∘ Dead Poetic ∘ Do as Infinity ∘ Fall Out Boy ∘ Frank Sinatra ∘ Janne da Arc ∘ Josh Groban ∘ Keane ∘ Mika Nakashima ∘ Muse ∘ Panic at the Disco ∘ Paramore ∘ Rie Fu ∘ Saint-Saëns ∘ Sitti ∘ Tchaikovsky ∘ Vienna Teng ∘ Vitamin String Quartet ∘ Westlife ∘ Within Tempatation ∘ YUI

Television - The Big Bang Theory ∘ Chuck ∘ Doctor Who ∘ Firefly ∘ Merlin ∘ Mythbusters ∘ No Reservations ∘ Pushing Daisies ∘ Sherlock ∘ Suits ∘ The Walking Dead ∘ The X-Files

Also, My Life is TVTropes: Dark Is Not Evil ∘ Deadpan Snarker ∘ Death Glare ∘ Kuudere 30%/Tsundere 70% ∘ Must Have Caffeine ∘ Not Good With People ∘ Oblivious Younger Sibling ∘ Older Than They Look ∘ Properly Paranoid ∘ Shrinking Violet ∘ True Neutral ∘ (Yaoi) Fangirl

Most of the posts in this journal are public, consisting mainly of excerpts of my mundane & uniteresting life, excessive squeeage over different fandoms, and very rarely, ranty articles. Be warned though that I tend to abuse the CAPS LOCK key and use more smileys than needed. If that didn't make you run to the opposite direction, then feel free to add me to your circle and introduce yourself to my most recent entry. :)

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